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About Our Ceramics

We primarily use a stoneware clay. Stoneware is fired at high temperatures and is non-porous when fired appropriately. Stoneware is dense, impermeable, and hard enough to resist scratching by a steel point.

After a clay object dries we perform a bisque fire (creates a solid non workable item) to 1,950 degrees
fahrenheit. Our stoneware then undergoes the process of glazing.

Glaze is a silica (glass former) based substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing to provide color, decoration, or waterproofing an item. Our glaze is a variety of non toxic and lead free minerals comprised in precise measurements to achieve desired colors. These minerals are added to water and made into a brush-able consistency. We apply the glaze by brushing or pouring on several layers until acquiring a desired thickness. Once the glaze is applied to the bisque fired ceramics, it is then loaded into our natural gas kiln. We heat the glaze firing up to 2,380 degrees fahrenheit to achieve full melting of the glaze.

A gas kiln is used for its atmospheric effects that alter the glazes outcome. This is what makes every piece unique. Once fired and cooled the items are taken out to admire the color and reflectivity of the glass layer.

Gold is applied at this stage after the items have been glaze fired. The pure gold powder is mixed with a brush medium that is applied and fired to 1,290 degrees fahrenheit. This causes the gold to fuse onto the glaze, creating a permanent bond.

The process of ceramics is long and takes many days for a finished item. We plan to have videos and much more information available on this process. We hope you enjoy, and if you would like to know more feel free to contact us

Know before you buy!

Our clay based ceramics is a crystalline structure and glass is a non crystalline structure. Both mediums are unique in there own ways but glass can be melted into liquid and clay cannot. Clay has a lego like structure that is built of many tiny particles. Once our clay is kilned, we apply the glass based glaze that soaks into the pours of the clay. High temperatures then fuses the clay and glass together.

All of our items are glazed on the inside to enable easy cleaning and a waterproof finish. The bottom sides of water pipes are not glazed which exposes the clay (if this was glazed it would melt to the kiln shelves and be ruined). All fully glazed ceramics will have small dimple like blemishes on the bottom sides of the item, as found on our pipes. This is caused by our stands that support the pipes in order to prevent the pipes from melting to the kiln shelves.

When purchasing direct from our site we will always strive to send you the highest quality ceramics. If there is any problem with your item contact us immediately so we may solve the issue. Enjoy


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