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Our Story

We have listened to many stories about how "I tried to make a pipe in ceramics class before". Well that is where we begin our journey. While taking three years of ceramics in high school there was only one attempt at making a pipe. The pipe was never seen again. So over these three years ceramics showed it's complex beauty to a point of desiring to continue the art after high school. Knowing that the school studio would be off limits to a graduate the decision was made to purchase a tool kit and an old kick wheel from the teacher.

Over time came the purchase of a kiln and clay where the first pipes began to take shape in the basement.

A few pipes and water pipes later the methods used to shape the clay improved.

With improvements came the choice to start Ceramic Smokeware which was established in 2014. After the business licensing the pipes looked well enough to attempt selling efforts during the summer at a local park. As pipes sold it showed to be worth investing more time and money into the business to purchase more equipment.

So after 3 years of self teachings through the use of books, experience, and the knowledge of our supplier we learned how to create fine works of art that could be sold in order to grow. At last our web site is up and running and we are here online instead of selling at the park. We have a unique product that many users desire and few creators make. This site marks the beginning of a business that will be the change in the pipe industry for years to come.